To work on complex challenging & interesting problems using modern software development techniques and technologies. I'm excited by real-time communication between the server and a wide range of client devices. My pashion is building applications that unite and empower the people using them.

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Canadian application developer currently working in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I'm very passionate about building desktop, web and batch applications in a end-to-end agile/waterfall hybrid style of development.  My newest development efforts are adopting SCRUM methods to accelerate development and delivery timeframes. I have adapted from developing traditional client/server PowerBuilder applications to developing .NET and web applications using different technologies.  Always looking to extend my skillsets driving towards excellence in building web and mobile based applications. My dream job has me focused on engineering new pure web-applications best suited for modern mobile and tablet friendly computing.  This would of course take advantage of my full stack experience and allow me to continue to grow that realm of experience delivering production applications to end users.

Full Stack Experience

My experience begins with custom building desktop and rack mount server systems assembling hardware components, installing OS platforms including LINUX and WINDOWS OS in stand-alone and HyperV environment configurations.  Building and implementing many hardware components including dedicated LINUX firewall servers, managed and unmanaged switches, custom cabling, UPS systems to Raid card installation and configurations.  Building full Microsoft Domain Networks from configuring Domain Controller's to implementing custom domain policies and network logon scripts as needed. Supporting all levels of IT systems my experience includes updated skills to manage any Windows Server Editions up to  Windows 2012 R2

  • Base OS installations from media
  • Domain Controllers
  • Database Servers (MS SQL, Sybase, ORACLE)
  • IIS Web Application Servers
  • HyperV Servers and Guests
  • Application and File Servers
  • Batch Job Automation and FTP Servers
  • Windows 7, 10 and Android Mobile Development, UAT or SIT Environments
  • Internet / Intranet e-Mail Servers
  • AWS EC2 Environment Builds, Configurations and Production Implementations

I consider myself as a full stack developer capable of building from the ground up.  From hardware, OS and DBMS servers to building production used functional databases and applications. Past experience is heavy in client server development, my future and prototype experience is for Web based Applications targeting Android Mobile devices and desktop .NET based applications. 


Proof of Concepts

Available October 2016 onwards will be publishing sample applications illustrating experience as a true full stack develpoer can be experienced by viewing my portfolio of free to use web applications (SaaS design, Basic Web Apps and Standalone Desktop Apps) online 24/7 through http://www.tapsec.com.

When available visit http://www.tapsec.com/FullStackDeveloper/ProofOfConcept.html to download my stand-alone applications or access and test my web applications to experience my depth of experience in building web-app interfaces for solving practical real world problems. 

Following my initial completion of CAP program courses at Red River Community College in Winnipeg, MB I began my professional career working as support for IBM on contract to Investors Group. I am now working and living in my home town of Edmonton, AB Canada with my wife and 7 year old son with a strong family dedication that keeps me focused and rooted.

Utilising the Internet open source communities, forums and Pluralsight online training i am constantly learning and enhancing my skill set and fine tuning my craft through the brilliant source of inspiration & knowledge of others. I've continued to work on my side-projects in the open, and plan to continue feeding back into the community that has been so generous to me.

Sample Projects:  Companies Profile Web App, Lottery Generator Desktop Hybrid Web Services App, ERP Financials App, High Speed Stock Trading Desktop Web Services App


  • PowerBuilder
  • C#
  • TransAct SQL
  • Stored Procedures
  • MS DTSX Packages
  • SQLite 3.x
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Bash

I've also worked with Java, Ruby, PHP & various components but not as frequently as those listed above.


  • PowerBuilder 5 - 12.6
  • Visual Studios up to 2015
  • CES/SES Certificates
  • Entrust 9.x Toolkits/Automation
  • PKI Crypto Experience
  • Fiddler
  • Lodash / Underscore
  • D3.js & d3.Chart
  • Backbone / Angular
  • Node.js / Express
  • Grunt & Browserify
  •  jQuery
  • SAP SQL Anywhere 5.x - 16.x

Various encryption algorithms Mostly AES, some BlowFish, 3DES and non-standard algorithms Plus a variety of Hashing Algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2


  • PowerBuilder .NET and Classic Front Ends
  • Batch Programming .BAT, PowerShell, BJS
  • MVC, WebAPI, ServiceStack Web Services
  • OS Installations (LINUX/WINDOWS)
  • Windows Domain Server Builds
  • IIS Website performance
  • Responsive design/development
  • Mobile HTML5 app development
  • Data-driven interactive content
  • Rich user experience design
  • Accessibility & Usability
  • Batch Automation with a focus on high speed high volume performance
  • GIT and VSS Source Safe for Source Control
  • Web API Design

I'm comfortable working within a UNIX or LINUX shell/terminal, and using many common command line tools.

Working in different environments, I've become adept with multiple browser-based debugging tools, including remote mobile debugging & in-browser development.  My favorite go to traffic analysis tool is Fiddler.



I work mostly with PowerBuilder 12.6 Enterprise in .NET and Classic Modes, Visual Studios .NET using C# for a building GUI and console based batch processors.  My applications are suitable for high transaction back-end processing using JavaScript and consuming custom built Web Services in the client layers.  Designing and building custom Web Services for the server back end accessing Microsoft SQL Server databases.  My experience with MS SQL Server 2014 includes extensive TransAct SQL, DTS Packages, Stored Procedures and batch programming to achieve basically any and all client server and web-app database activities. My core skills include many hats, from DB Design, Normalization, Data Extraction/Import/Automating through Database build scripts, custom SQL, procedures development and fine tuning performance features.  My portable database engine of choice for remote standalone performance is SAP SQL Anywhere 5x through 16.x, SQLite 3.x, or CouchDB depending on purpose and use. As a technical lead with a full stack developer portfolio of experience i can apply my skills to innovate products in performance-critical environments breathing new life into existing applications, rebuilding or rebranding applications, hybridization of applications from client/server to client/server/web-applications.


Application and Developer Tools

  • Adobe Acrobat (Many tools)
  • Photoshop, Paint .NET
  • UltraStudios, UltraCompare
  • FTP, Telnet and WinSCP
  • Microsoft Office 2013+ (Full suite)
  • Microsoft Project 2003 - 2013
  • hMail & Exchange Email Servers
  • SharePoint (Basics)
  • Expert level IP Chains based Firewalls
  • Custom firewall rules

Hardware Experience

  • 1U/2U/4U Rack Mount Server Chassis Builds
  • Custom Server and Desktop Hardware Builds
  • Managed and Unmanaged Switches; mainly DLINK and HP Proliant Switches
  • UPS Power Banking for Power Load Handling multiple servers
  • Building & Deploying Wired LAN networks, Ports, Wall conduits, Cabling, Testing
  • High Speed DSL and Cable Modem provisioning in both BELL & Shaw internet realms (Bridge modem modes)
  • RAID 1/4/5 Configurations with multiple RAID card supporting mostly 4 to 6 western digital black hard disk configurations per server.
    JBOD experience for non-critical high data density applications such as my personal media server.


TAPSEC Incorporated
Edmonton, AB

CEO / CTO / Lead Developer

February 2002 ~ Present

Currently engineering and building a 100% new .NET financials application using ServiceStack Web Services, .NET C# and SQL Server back end technologies. Project is in a design / build SCRUM environment to move development along with minimum resources.

So far I have built and implemented all the required hardware, including a rack server environment with 2 Raid-5 Database servers, Domain Controller, Raid 5 File Server, Networking gear, Linux Firewall Server, and multiple HyperV Host and Guests for many additional environments.  Planned and built out the back end database, custom Web Services framework API, and started the design and build of the front-end web based interface.

I've always considered myself a full-stack web developer and building these projects end to end allows me to continue to engage in real world skills practice.

Edmonton, AB

Systems Analyst, PowerBuilder Developer

August 2006 ~ current

I worked with the Government of Alberta ministries as a PowerBuilder developer. I was met with new, interesting challenges, including reengineering back end data extractors & front-end applications to incorporate new functionality as we deprecated mainframe components. Enhancing stored procedures and databases on the back-end, working with 3rd-party frameworks, tightening the network performance updating their deployment models.

Responsible for design and development, system maintenance and ongoing client support for a portfolio of complex PowerBuilder client/server applications Responsible for analysis, design, construction, testing and deployment of application enhancements

IBM Sub-Contractor
Edmonton, AB  Alberta Children Services

Systems Analyst, PowerBuilder Developer

May 2005 ~ August 2006

Provided development consulting services for IBM client Alberta Children Services Ministry.
Responsible for enhancement, design and development, system maintenance and ongoing client support for client/server government applications. Involved in analysis, design, construction, testing, and deployment of application enhancements, as well as providing tier 1 support

EPIC Information Solutions
Winnipeg, MB

Lead Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, PowerBuilder / EAServer Web Developer, SQL Server DBA, Installshield Developer

April 2000 ~ May 2005

Re-engineered PowerCerv ERP Financials application into standalone software package called Balanced Enterprise Suite. Primary lead engineer that rebuilt the OEM PowerCerv package into a stand-alone Financials system with full GL, AP, AR, SO, SQ, WO, Inventory management and more.  Integrated intermec handheld bin scanning, supported multi-currency, multi-company, product configurator design and more. Responsible for building custom installation system and license key generation system.

CAP Program, Red River Community College
Winnipeg, MB


Description of CAP program.

References Available on request

Projects posted on tapsec.com

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